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le sable

Virginie Visconti starts taking drama classes at the Centre Dramatique National du Nord, then Classe Conservatoire while learning to dance and to sing for several years.


But Virginie, thirsty for knowledge, decides to attend university and gets a Master’s degree (Maîtrise d’études théâtrales) from la Sorbonne.

There, she studies law and economics, scenography, staging, writing and literary critics. A complete training which has taught her how works the creative process and how to run a show.


Naturally, Francis Perrin, among others, asks her to assist him for staging Georges Feydeau’s « Le Dindon ». She has also been hired as a live journalist-host for the french channels France 5 and Comédie.

During 25 years, she has worked as a theater, fiction and voice-over actress.

Then, she was an art director and executive producer for diverse shows and live performances. From those particular experiences, Virginie has expanded her skill set such as budgeting, leading artistic and technical teams.

In 2009, Virginie dedicates herself to her audiovisual productions studies. She trained on Intellectual Property legal issues and film financing.


In March 2010, she created with her financial partners, Angelus Productions.

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