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le sable

Author: Guy-Roger Duvert



In 1934, Christine de Bellême, a young archaeologist working at the Sorbonne in Paris, receives a package from Egypt, sent by her lover, an adventurer Egyptologist.


She discovers half of a stone tablet on which are engraved hieroglyphs, but also a second unknown language. The University asks to Christine to leave for Egypt in order to recover the missing part of the artifact, under the direction of Camille Longatte, a former policeman used to this kind of mission.


Once arrived, they are joined by Howard Braxton, a former British secret agent turned mercenary. But they are not the only ones to covet the object, whose harmful powers push all those who touch it to the doors of madness.


If they escape the dangers along the way, will they also be able to survive the ordeal mentally?

L'Appel d'Am-Heh - Presentation Angelus (glissé(e)s)-1.png
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