le sable

Author : Didier van Cauwelaert 
Director : Didier van Cauwelaert


Max, a young guy from the suburbs, a crane operator of the pound,  pick up a car from a delivery location. Then, he discover an old lady in the back seat of the car. That professional mistake could lead to his dismissal...

She is the famous Madeleine Lamor, a heroine of the Resistance during The Second World War, and now CEO of an important biscuit company. During a mental confusion crisis, she takes him for her lover of 1944, hunted by the Gestapo.

Forced to deal with the situation to save his job, Max finds himself in a amazing adventure, in order to help this charming old lady. Because Etienne her nephew, tries to drive her crazy with medicines, to take control of her biscuit company.

La personne de confiance